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Hiring process

The process is different in every company. Find out here what awaits you with us.


Get ready

In our hiring process, the top priority is that you feel comfortable and can get to know AOE optimally. So, look forward to the following stages:

Application process

Through our career page, you can easily apply. Simply upload your CV and you're good to go. Even though a cover letter is not really important for us, feel free to use the text field for a short accompanying message to us. There are no limits to what you can write. If you already know someone at AOE or if someone has recommended AOE to you, feel free to mention that as a comment. Give us a few days to review your documents, then we will get back to you directly!

A relaxed conversation with a colleague from the recruiting team, so we can get to know each other. The aim here is to discuss your and our expectations and see if there's good chemistry. We deliberately don't want to conduct traditional interviews. You don't need to list your strengths and weaknesses, and we won't ask you how many tennis balls can fit in a Smart car – we promise! So feel free to ask us questions during the conversation.

With the work sample, you demonstrate your expertise to us while also testing what it would be like to work with us.

In an approximately 60-minute video call, you will meet two experts from the department. The purpose is for us to be able to tell you in detail what to expect. Naturally, there will also be plenty of space for your questions and for discussing the field.

Get to know your future team – here, all your other team colleagues will be present too. Because: We could go on about all the benefits of working at AOE as much as we want – you'll only feel the team spirit once you've met the entire team. By the way, this is also the final step in our application process because at AOE, the teams themselves decide on their team's growth.

Shortly after your team introduction, we will speak again to provide each other with feedback. This is the point where we discuss whether we will proceed together or not. Ideally, we will also discuss the start date, salary, and other conditions here. Your employment contract will also be prepared at this time and sent to you in the next few days. Of course, it may also happen that it doesn't work out. In that case, we will gladly provide you with feedback on the reasons.

Recruiting team

They are not only looking for the best but also for those who really fit with us. Even if it often concerns a very technical position, they want to get to know you as a person. With a good dose of intuition and a shot of technology, they have made perfect matching their specialty. Sooner or later, you will definitely encounter them in your hiring process.

Recruiting pipeline

You might have noticed some job postings from us that seem a bit generic. That's no coincidence. We work with recruiting pipelines because we have a multitude of perspectives to offer you! What does this mean for you specifically? First, we get to know you and your skills, and then we look together to see which team and role suit you best. It's up to you! Practically perfect for you and your needs. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

Getting started

Scary but true: even before your first day, all of AOE already knows about you. And this, despite many new colleagues starting with us remotely. How do we do it? We announce you, of course. Your new colleagues already know that you're joining. So, even before day one, you're already a solid part of the team, and naturally, everyone is looking forward to having you!

On your first day, you'll find a fully equipped workspace waiting for you, along with your mentor, who will be there to assist you in the first days and beyond. If you're working remotely, you'll receive the necessary hardware beforehand to start promptly



The AOE Onboarding accompanies you during the first few weeks. Here, you dive into the AOE universe and, of course, tackle some initial warm-up tasks. Besides your mentor, a buddy, and the HR colleagues are also important points of contact for you. They all have an overview of everything happening at AOE and support you in all matters to make your start easier. In addition to the Newcomer Summit, you'll have access to a personalized onboarding page tailored just for you. There, you can independently work through the most important points, ensuring nothing stands in the way of your ideal start at AOE. After that, you have the opportunity to explore: Decide for yourself when and in what order you want to tackle the points of the second stage! Then, you'll have seen everything you need to kick off at AOE.

Mentoring program

For your perfect start, we have the Mentoring Program. Your mentor is responsible for your professional integration and is typically a direct team member – this includes getting acquainted with the team, understanding the client and the client domain, as well as technical orientation. They ensure that these aspects are communicated to you during the first few weeks, so you can become productive quickly. Additionally, they help you navigate through our internal processes and address all your questions. Your buddy acts as your 'social glue,' connecting you well within the company with other colleagues, conveying AOE culture and values, and showing you opportunities for engagement outside the team. In addition to the mentor, they are always available for you and assist you with any questions or uncertainties.

"As one of around 50 mentors at AOE, I am not only a guide who imparts technical skills and know-how to new employees for our clients but also the compass that helps them navigate our internal processes. My goal is to open doors for my mentee, provide them with the tools, and always be ready to listen."

Martin Frontend Developer


Highly motivated IT experts are always in demand at AOE. So feel free to apply speculatively with us. Head this way.

We're really proud of our office in Wiesbaden, but to offer our employees the greatest flexibility, our motto is: your life, your plan. So feel free to work remotely or in our office in Wiesbaden. It's up to you.

You can reach out to our recruiting team at

We regularly advertise positions for student workers or interns in various areas. It's best to check out our student page directly.

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