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All answers in one place: Discover here frequently asked questions to quickly and easily learn more.

Application questions

If you see web development as a creative craft and love continuous learning as well as driving digitalization forward, then you are exactly right with us! It's okay if you don't master all technologies – your motivation and enthusiasm for new things count the most at AOE. We offer maximally flexible working conditions, attractive additional benefits, and a great working environment with numerous opportunities for personal development. Whether full-time, as a working student, or part-time, even remotely or in the office, everything fits.

Just upload your CV briefly and off you go. Even though a cover letter is not really important to us, you are welcome to use the text field for a short accompanying message to us. There are no limits to this. If you already know someone at AOE or someone has recommended AOE to you, feel free to mention this as a comment in the "Your message" field.

A formal cover letter is not a must with us! However, if you would still like to send us a few personal lines, we would be very happy. Simply address them to the "Recruiting Team" or select a contact person from our recruiting team here.

Highly motivated IT experts are always in demand at AOE. So, feel free to apply on your own initiative. Follow this link.

Of course. You don't need great grades or an impressive CV. Your experience, competence, and commitment are much more important to us than the way you acquired your knowledge.

If you find several positions exciting at our company, do not hesitate to apply for all that interest you. Later, in a personal conversation, we will get to know you and your skills and then decide together which team and role would be the best fit for you.

We usually send you a trial task after a successful recruiting interview. By solving the task, you show us your expertise and at the same time test what it would be like to work with us. A "Work Sample" is not about finding the perfect solution for us. Rather, we are interested in how you approach challenges, which solution approach you choose, and what your working method looks like.

We regularly have positions for working students or interns in different areas. It's best to check directly here.

Unfortunately, no. Currently, we offer various opportunities for students, such as a dual study program or internship, as well as jobs for working students. Feel free to check here for more information.

Received applications are protected by high technical and organizational measures. If an employment contract is concluded, the data will be stored in accordance with legal requirements and used for onboarding and the establishment of the employment relationship. If no employment occurs, your data will be deleted after the position is filled, unless there are legal retention obligations or other legitimate interests, such as proof obligations under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), that prevent deletion. In any case, application documents will be deleted after six months at the latest if no further consents are given. More information on data protection at AOE can be found here.

Questions about Benefits

With us, you work not only productively but also fulfilling. Our benefits relate to the categories of bullshit-free working, work-life integration, personal level-up, health package, office, events & parties. All the benefits you've always wanted and those you didn't even know you needed - we have them. For more information, check directly here.

At AOE, you have 30 vacation days available if you work a 5-day week. For part-time positions, the number of vacation days is adjusted according to your working days - that means, with a 4-day week, you are entitled to 24 vacation days, and so on.

Yes, you can use your personal further education budget of 2000 euros (annually) for your training. You can use this for conferences (including travel and accommodation), further education courses, workshops, books, etc. With us, you get not only access to professional training, but we also support you through individual formats in your holistic development. 

As a permanent employee at AOE, you have the freedom to choose from a range of the latest hardware to design your workplace according to your needs. You can choose between a Mac or a Windows system. Additionally, we offer you various options for monitors, additional equipment, and even headsets, so you are optimally equipped.

If you decide to use your home office as your main workplace, we support you in equipping your workplace - this includes desk, chair, lamp, and similar - up to a fixed amount. Of course, we also provide the necessary hardware for the home office, such as a laptop, monitor, headset, and other required equipment.

General questions about working at AOE

At AOE, we place great value on combining the flexibility of remote working with the quality of social interaction. Our team spirit is fostered by numerous events in our spacious and comfortable office in Wiesbaden. At the same time, we offer the freedom to work from anywhere - whether at home, from a café, in the park, an Airbnb, or a coworking space, even up to three months a year from abroad within the EU. With us, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of remote working without missing the valuable personal exchange in the team.

In the first weeks, you go through our onboarding program, dive deep into the AOE world, and complete the first tasks. Your mentor, a buddy, and the HR team are your central points of contact. They help you find your way around and learn everything necessary for a smooth start. With a specially designed onboarding for you and the possibility to flexibly design your training, we ensure that you are well-prepared. The mentoring program takes care of your professional training. Your mentor, directly from your team, helps you get started, understand the customer, and with technical training. A buddy, as your "social glue," promotes your networking in the company, brings you closer to the AOE culture, and shows you how you can contribute. More details about your start at AOE can be found here.

The answer to that is very easy: No! We don't care how you dress. What's important to us is that you feel comfortable in your clothes and can be who you really are. No dressing up, no pretending. Just be yourself!

For us, who are dedicated to developing and tinkering, it is a must to always stay up-to-date. With our AOE Technology Radar, we keep track of promising software and what's going on in the web. You can find the AOE Techradar here.

Part-time work is definitely an option with us! We offer a variety of working time models and strive for maximum flexibility wherever possible. However, it depends a bit on the job, the team, or what our customers need. But no worries. We talk about everything and find together the best solution that fits everyone.

Self-organized and without typical hierarchies! We operate in teams, close to customers and the market! Our "circles," as we call teams and working groups, specifically solve problems by pooling their diverse skills. Collaboration is the focus, and if it gets tricky, we quickly get knowledge and support from others. At the same time, we maintain our freedom but stay closely connected with the entire organization. You can listen to more information about our circle structure in this podcast.