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How we work

Standing still is not an option. We use the impact of transformation!


Our philosophy

To crack complex problems, depth is required: understanding, expertise, creativity. Ideas thrive and become reality with us.


Highest quality standards. Collaboration at eye-level. We are cohesive teams that love technology, innovation, and complexity.


Optimizing processes, creating structures, successfully implementing strategies. We prepare companies for the digital future.


Complex problems, solved smartly. We translate customer needs into digital solutions.

Our tech stack

For us, dedicated to developing and tinkering, it's essential to stay up to date. Naturally, we go on a treasure hunt for innovations and sometimes even reassess established technologies. We must intelligently select which tools fit into our daily lives and various projects. As we all know, there is no miracle solution. With our AOE Technology Radar, we keep track of promising software and what's happening on the web. This way, we always find the best possible solution for us and our clients.

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Servant Leadership

We rely on flat structures to be able to react to customer wishes at lightning speed. We achieve this with cross-functional teams and on an equal footing. No matter who you are or what you do, what you contribute is what counts with us. Here, everyone is their own boss – well, almost. Our team is full of self-determined, self-reliant doers who are ready to make and bear decisions. This freedom, coupled with trust and responsibility, is our secret recipe. This is how we create a work environment where everyone can think freely, be creative, and conjure up innovative solutions.

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Self-organized work

The circle structure allows us to focus on the essentials and unleash our full potential. In our complex world, fast and smart decisions count. Our approach: We operate in teams, close to customers and the market! Our "Circles," as we call teams and workgroups, systematically solve problems by pooling their diverse skills. Collaboration is key, and when things get tough, we quickly seek knowledge and support from others. We maintain our freedom but stay closely connected to the entire organization.

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Agility: More than just a buzzword with us

Our teams embrace agile mindset and methods. We pass this on to our clients as well. Scrum is our daily bread, with all its ceremonies like dailies, sprints, and retrospectives. Our Scrum Masters support each team consisting of five to eight members. Of course, we also have regular company-wide brainstorming sessions and reflections on the agenda.

Our learning philosophy

We are all in learning mode here – a never-ending organization that keeps absorbing new things. That's our thing.

Skills that remain

In individual learning spaces, we empower you to solve future challenges independently, learning from real problems.

Learning together

In the learning formats of the AOE Academy, collaboration on an equal footing is the game-changer – ensuring sustainable learning.

Help is always nearby

Here, you receive not only technical training but also holistic development support through individual formats.

Collaborating with experts

Our team consists of true professionals in their respective fields – they know the ins and outs. But it's not just about shining on our own here. We value teamwork and diverse perspectives to move not only ourselves but also everyone else forward. For instance, we learn from the best at agile meetups or organize our own user groups and TechTalks. But that's not all; we have two aces up our sleeves:

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

In our CoPs, like-minded individuals come together to figure out how to make things even better.

Communities of Interest (CoIs)

On the other hand, our CoIs are for the curious who want to look beyond their own field and dive into a colorful array of ideas - essentially, an internal collaboration platform.

"Nothing is set in stone here. That applies to processes, but also to roles. I started out as a developer and am now a UX designer. I am very happy that I was able to take this path at and with AOE."

Raza UX Designer

"What excites me most about the AOE way of working: the honest encounters with everyone at work, being able to address real problems and work on the subject matter, and still having enough space to be a "human being" in a holistic way."

Cordula HR & AOE Academy Lead

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