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Working remotely

No limits, only possibilities. Join us as the workplace of tomorrow begins today!


Your remote workplace

At AOE, we place great value on combining the flexibility of remote work with the quality of social interaction. Our team spirit is fostered through daily meetings, shared leisure activities, and after-work drinks in our spacious and comfortable office. At the same time, we offer the freedom to work from anywhere – whether it's from home, a café, the park, an Airbnb, or a coworking space, even up to three months a year from EU countries. With us, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of remote work without missing out on valuable personal interaction within the team.

High flexibility

At AOE, you have the freedom to work wherever suits you best.

Remote ready

All processes, policies, and workflows are optimized for remote work.

Without Obstacles

We claim that all employees can work effectively from anywhere.

Remote Stories

"Working from home and flexibly managing my working hours brings the perfect balance to my life. It gives me the freedom to be there for important moments with my children while also showing them that all goals can be achieved. Remote work and flexibility are the secret weapons that help me manage the balancing act between career and family."

Annika Recruiter

"No one demonizes on-site work in the office; rather, clinging to a presence requirement is completely outdated. If you employ responsible adults, you should treat them as such. Employees are not children. And by now, we all know that flexibility is the key to success. It allows us to maintain a healthy work-life balance! Because ultimately, we are not just employees, but human beings."

Anna Head of Employer Branding

How to work remotely

We've been collecting tips & tricks for remote work over the past few years. Here's a snippet:


Trust is crucial in a remote work environment. If you couldn't trust your colleagues in the office, that won't change remotely. Good work doesn't depend on the location but on the results. Set clear goals and tasks and evaluate the results. If they're right, you can trust that your colleagues will also do good work remotely.

Let life happen

Children, pets, and real life – these are the things that often show up at home more than in the office. And that's totally fine! If a child suddenly appears during a video call or the dog barks at the postman, no one needs to panic. That's just part of being human. It's time to develop a new understanding that work and life are allowed to merge.

Turn on your camera

A simple tip, but effective for every meeting: Calls with the camera turned on are always more personal, and you don't quite feel like the person on the other end might be on a different continent. Plus, you stay more attentive when your colleagues can see you, and it prevents misunderstandings. Because the face always speaks, even when you're not saying anything.

Working abroad

Up to 3 months a year

Mainly EU countries

With us, you have the cool opportunity to work abroad, gain new experiences, and work flexibly at the same time: There are many benefits to working abroad, such as experiencing new cultures and discovering new perspectives. However, it's important to be aware that you're still part of a team and must fulfill your responsibilities. Remote work offers a certain level of flexibility, but it also requires a high level of responsibility and commitment. So if your goal is to earn some money while traveling, unfortunately, you're not in the right place with us!

And the office?

Of course, you still have the opportunity to work in our office in Wiesbaden. Here, you'll enjoy all the comforts of a modern workplace, a sunny rooftop terrace, play area, and more.

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