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Our Office in Wiesbaden

Much more than just a workplace: This is the hub where work meets innovation and sparks new ideas.


The office

Here in Wiesbaden, we've done more than just set up walls and desks – we've created a creative playground. Proudly, we can say it's the perfect mix of workspace and meeting point, where productive work and relaxed breaks go hand in hand. Imagine this: you're in an ultra-modern workspace that's anything but ordinary. Here, you can hatch your ideas in peace or kick-start them in our inspiring meeting rooms. And when your mind needs a break, no stress – our play area or massage studio is the ideal place to unwind. Networking? No stiff business pretense here, just genuine, lively exchanges. Our events, coffee kitchens, or rooftop terraces are the perfect spots to connect and engage – from professional discussions to post-work beers. In short, our office in Wiesbaden is not just a place to work; it's your safe space where creativity, community, and fun come together.

What you can look forward to

Trendy city office

The coolest office in Wiesbaden – right in the city center

Parking? No Problem

Free parking spaces are available for you in the LuisenForum parking garage

Delicious food

We have our own chef and offer lunch with a focus on regional vegan cuisine

Pure relaxation

Relax in our own Thai massage studio

Enjoy the view

Two terraces for chilling out above the rooftops of Wiesbaden

Play that game

Table tennis, foosball, billiards, FIFA, and more are waiting for you"

Say Hello to the coolest office in Wiesbaden

Key facts

4000 sqm
200 employees
14 meeting rooms

Our office goodies

Thai massage

Office work can be challenging for the body – we know that. That's why we offer special support: 45 minutes of pure relaxation – every month, completely free! In our office, you'll find a stylishly furnished massage studio, the perfect little paradise to unwind from the daily grind. Our warm-hearted Bud welcomes you there with open arms. By the way, Bud not only massages – she is also a valued member of our AOE Office Management Team.


From Tuesday to Friday, we serve regional delicacies with vegan alternatives, prepared by our talented chef, Christoph. In our cozy eatery, you can indulge at discounted prices and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. There's plenty of space for you and your colleagues – the perfect place for a delightful break!

Play Area

For maximum fun in the office, we've created our Play Area – a place where work and fun meet. Whether it's table tennis, foosball, billiards, board games, or a round of FIFA, here you can compete with your colleagues. For some games, we've even developed our own AOE rules, creative and unique! Don't worry, we're happy to teach you how to master them. Come by and experience the ultimate office fun!

The table tennis crew

The spirit

The table tennis crew? Just cool. A team full of energy and fun, turning breaks into real adventures. Always on the ball, literally. They're more than just players – they're colleagues who laugh, celebrate, and of course, win together. They're the beating heart of lunch breaks, a crew that shows how to enliven the day with fun and camaraderie.

This is Yannick

Yannick is ecstatic about the table tennis table in the office. Because: Yannick loves benefits! Yannick also knows that table tennis won't convince anyone to join AOE and that other things matter. However, he's happy about this bonus. Be like Yannick. Play a game of table tennis and don't say anything negative about things that are positive.

The official song of the table tennis crew. Listen now (in German):

The LuisenForum

Our office seamlessly integrates into the vibrant surroundings of the LuisenForum. Here, on the 4th floor, high above the bustling streets of Wiesbaden. The LuisenForum, a pulsating centerpiece of Wiesbaden since 2008, is far more than just an ordinary shopping center. It embodies a unique place that enriches the Wiesbaden pedestrian zone and stands out for its outstanding location in the heart of the city. The LuisenForum is an experiential center that, in addition to a diverse shopping world, also offers numerous services and events, making it a popular meeting point for friends, guests, and locals.

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